Policy Delivery, Warranty, Change Returns

Cheap teddy bear with teddy bear delivery policy is reasonable to talk communicate directly with customers. You agree reassuring to confirm our delivery proceed.
Policy Delivery, Warranty, Change Returns
1. Delivery time
Delivery time depends on 2 factors: Package delivery and time of delivery.
- Package delivery: There are 4 packages delivered with the following timeframe:
Saving delivery: delivery time from 2-3 days
The last delivery day: Order before 1630, delivered the next day
Same day delivery: Order before 11:30, same day delivery before 20g
2. Time of delivery shall be calculated from the shop to the customer order confirmation.
3. Shipping Costs
If free 3km range.
Fee is 4km from 10k, 15k 7km, 10km 20k, 13k 30k
Cheap teddy bear will call you to ask specific address and identity confirmation notice with you.
Delivery to the provinces calculated postage, courier, goods large and heavy domestic EMS Postage see links.
How you Order Standard
You fill out information to shop cheap teddy bears are not in touch with you more as you avoid losing more time.
* Note: In the case of the sender and the recipient is a recording, you only need the recipient information. Conversely, if you purchase a teddy bear as a gift for someone else, you remember the complete information of the recipient, and the sender information can be ignored if you want to remain anonymous, but you remember your phone number to can shop in touch.
Ho Sy Quang
Phone 0979685176
Song Than Industrial Park Road 2 12/32 - Di An Binh Duong _
Ho Thi Minh
Phone 01686833818
238 Le Loi, TT Cu Chi
Contents card (can skip if you buy yourself)
Wish you had a fun weekend with little teddy bear from afar heart nhé ^^.
The information you choose to make a gift of cotton Notes
(If you select more than one line, each of the light)
Bear Dam copper ribbon Elisa 380,000 - 63 cm high
Your email
Reassuring to know information you gaubonggiare.net Shop Owner:
Managing large site:
 teddy doremon
4. Warranty
Cheap Teddy Bear Shop warranty for your peace of mind not only the window line only.
5. Change the pay teddy
You do not like the product can change in 2 days, please bring teddy bears to the address: 16/34 Road 2 Industrial Zone in Binh Chieu Ward Song Thu Duc District .Tp.HCM (Overpass Song)
Note: Product intact, not dirty or torn fire.
Shop footballer row offline from 2/2012 and 4/2013 for sale online from June
Finally, shop gaubonggiare.net sincerely thank you for your interest in teddy bears pro shop. Your trust is the motivation to continue developing shop. Wish you happy and healthy.
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