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Ngày: 20-08-2016 , 5580 view(s)
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The company produces export stuffed animals, teddy bears, exports to Asian countries, Asia. Exports to Japan, Australia. Get design, the right size and weight to each gram mm.

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Big teddy bear with beautiful from the inside out! Stylish, lovely. Meaningful Gifts for the girls.

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Our company specializes in manufacturing stuffed animals, teddy bear sewing at the request of our customers with the cheapest price in HCMC, Binh Duong and the situation across the country. Cheap teddy bears are dedicated to serve you, fast and quality.

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Ngày: 27-09-2013 , 10031 view(s)
I”ll show you a few ways to purchase teddy bears, stuffed animals just beautiful but inexpensive. Use teddy bear at home how to prevent perishable and durable.